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Tuber Aestivum

Black summer truffles with very good quality and price.

This type is one of the best-selling truffles in the world. We have it on stock in fresh condition usually between May and October. We have it in frozen or dried (dehydrated) condition all year round.

Price BGN0.17

Tuber Uncinatum

Аutumn black truffles as close as the Aestivum. We have it from October to December.

Price BGN0.00

Tuber Brumale

Аutumn/winter black truffle from October to March. It has very good flavour of nuts and it is very interesting for the modern restaurants, but it has closer expiration date than Tuber Uncinatum.

Price BGN0.00

Tuber Magnatum Pico

Winter white truffle. This type is the most expensive truffle in the world.  season (November – January).

Price BGN0.00

Tuber Borchi

Winter white truffle very close to Magnatum Pico.

It looks, smells and has taste almost same as Magnatum Pico, but there is still some differences, so the price is lower.

Price BGN0.00