White Truffle Sauce (190g)


The perfect finish for any dish for sophisticated connoisseurs.

Ingredients: Cultivated mushrooms (Agaricus bisporum), sunflower oil, white truffle (Tuber Bianchetto) - 8%, cream, salt, spices, garlic, aroma.

Pasta with black truffle is a combination of summer black truffles and mushroom mushrooms. They give an amazing aromatic combination, which is a real temptation for your taste. This world-famous classic product guarantees you the inevitable success in your gourmet kitchen.

You can add it as a final touch or as an additive before baking. The amount that is added depends on your taste preferences. It is enough to add one teaspoon in several portions. Suitable for consumption with pasta / spaghetti /, meat, mashed potatoes, pizza, omelets, bruschettas and much more.


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